When Hiroe Tanaka’s father died, he left behind something that would change her life: a recipe for fried meat on a stick. It was an act of love. His daught Source: How the lost recipe of Hiroe Tanaka’s dying father made her a millionaire | The Japan Times


By Lisa Borre Shinto priests observing an ancient legend recorded ice freeze dates on Lake Suwa in Japan starting in the 15th Century. On the other side of the world, a local merchant began a tradi… Source: Lake Suwa’s Shinto Legend and the Oldest Lake Ice Record on Earth: What It Tells Us About Climate […]

“Uzumasa (Kyoto) is considered the Hollywood of Japan. It has produced many “jidaigeki” films (period dramas with sword fighting) that are loved by many Japanese, and are highly praised all over the world. These films wouldn’t be what they were if it weren’t for the “kirareyaku” (actors who’s main job is to be killed by […]

Tama the cat: 3,000 attend elaborate funeral for Japan’s feline stationmaster | World news | The Guardian. via Tama the cat: 3,000 attend elaborate funeral for Japan’s feline stationmaster | World news | The Guardian.

The Foreign Ministry appointed Doraemon as its first “anime ambassador” in 2008 to deepen foreign interest in Japanese culture. However, it has now been revealed that Bangladesh has banned “Doraemon” from TV screens over fears that youngsters who are hooked on the Hindi-dubbed version of the animated series are struggling to learn their native Bengali. […]

“Made in Japan” is a three part TV series by NHK. The storyline features a (fictional but somehow familiar) Japanese electronics firm near bankruptcy, a ruthless Chinese rival and a laid-off engineer and seems to be hitting a public nerve in a nation fretting over the decline of a once-admired manufacturing model. It seems to […]

The modern day rikscha is called “meguru”, has space for three and actually is an e-car. – What’s more, it is surprisingly stylish and rather eco … if only it was a bit cheaper … Japan: Die Rikscha kehrt zurück | Panorama – Berliner Zeitung. This is an older article with more details and images: Hier […]

A nice article by Mark Ellwood, including recommendations about Tokyo’s Hidden Cocktail Bars (already published in 2010). He visits some of the most well known bartenders, describes how actually intriguing it can be to watch them at work. (It is sometimes like entering you own personal theatre play). Read for yourself: Tokyo’s Hidden Cocktail Bars […]

Nikkei reports on changes in the Japanese lightbulb market with energy awareness playing a more prominent role after the March 11 earthquake. The article summarises the improvements of the dispersion angle of LED lightbulbs in addition to rapid price falls since the introduction of LED light bulbs as major factors in the improvement of market […]